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For far too long, customers across the United States have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to finding reliable, high-quality junk haulers. Perhaps it’s a lack of trust with the big junk hauling companies, or maybe you (or someone you know) has had a bad experience in the past.

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Who we are

JunkGator was founded by tech entrepreneur Ali Lijee to satisfy a growing demand across the United States to access affordable and reliable no-contact junk removal services from local, independent junk haulers.

Since 2021, JunkGator launched with a simple philosophy: to connect customers with approved independent junk haulers in the US through our online platform. It all started with a few junk haulers in New York but we’ve now grown to cover counties and states from coast to coast across our nation, with more joining every day.

We aim to be your top choice for finding professional and cheap junk removal teams nearby by giving you greater choice and transparency on our platform. So far, we have over 500 registered junk removal companies, mostly small and local businesses, listed on our network to choose from. Some of the services they provide include:

  • No-contact junk removal services;
  • Full and partial house cleanouts
  • Commercial property and estate cleanouts;
  • Quick response times and same day availability.

We receive thousands of junk pickup requests through our platform every month. Junk removal companies listed on JunkGator only need to pay a small subscription fee to be listed while customers can take advantage of our platform for FREE.

Operated and owned by:
Interactive Network Ltd

US office:
555 Madison Ave
New York
Telephone: (646) 751-7835

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office: Data protection information

Operating model

JunkGator is an online portal that provides customers access to hundreds of established junk removal pros across the United States.

Our operating model is unique in that we don’t manage or operate any junk removal services ourselves, but rather put small, local junk removal businesses in the spotlight and let them do what they do best. Quality is maintained through real-time analytics on our website and our rigorous onboarding process for all junk haulers that wish to be listed.

By putting customers in touch with nearby junk haulers committed to landfill diversion and responsible disposal and recycling processes, we’re also able to reduce emissions and thereby contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of waste disposal in the US.

We believe that our unique operational model gives us several advantages – rapid speed of response, high levels of reliability and most importantly when it comes to being environmentally friendly, minimises the vehicle mileage per job. Our mileage levels are considerably lower than those achieved by the national operators, who tend to work to a more traditional model. We are proud to be able to say that our members make the most efficient use of existing local rubbish and waste handling infrastructure, without having a negative impact on the environment or levels of traffic congestion.


  • To give each and every customer access to reputable junk removal services in every county and state;
  • To make the process of finding reliable junk haulers near you a straightforward and stress-free experience, only taking a few minutes;
  • To reward honest and reliable junk removal companies by maintaining our rigorous standards for all members that wish to be listed on our network;
  • To assist in the growth and development of the many small junk hauling businesses by generating more quality leads from genuine customers.


We aim to be America’s leading platform for finding reputable junk removal companies in your county and state.

In order to fulfil this mission, we will remain committed to maintaining a network that is intuitive and reliable while listing the best estate cleanout, house cleanout, and junk pickup services in your area.

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