Basement cleanout

Got too much junk accumulated in your basement? Need an affordable junk pick up today? No problem. JunkGator operates a US-wide network of over 500 reputable junk haulers near you willing to perform basement cleanouts and other house cleanout services, such as hauling away bulky items, unwanted junk, and all other sorts of trash from your property.

DIY basement cleaning is always a good habit to keep your basement de-cluttered and to promote good airflow, thereby minimizing the chances for mold and bacteria to set in. Keeping your basement decluttered also keeps your home tidy and manageable.

Basement cleanout services are also important for flood or storm damage remediation. Water damaged carpet, furniture, or partition walls might be salvageable, but given enough time to sit idle, mold and bacteria will fester and grow within your home and cause all sorts of respiratory problems and trigger allergies and asthma, for example.

Basement cleanouts are time-consuming and can be a real hassle. Moving bulky items up flights of stairs can be dangerous. There is a better way with JunkGator.

Basement cleanout experts near you

Whatever you may have stashed away in your basement, from old furniture to boxes of junk long forgotten, getting rid of the clutter with qualified junk removal teams is always a good idea. Not only does decluttering help to improve airflow within the basement, but it also reduces the risk of exposure to storm and water damage (especially for old homes with poor or cracked foundations).

Furthermore, basement cleanout teams can quickly respond with same-day junk removal near you by responding to calls for storm and water damage. This is helpful for tearing out water damaged carpets, partition walls, and exposed furniture and other junk from your basement so that mold and bacteria cannot spread further.

Frequently asked questions about basement cleanouts

What is the fastest way to declutter a basement?

The fastest way to declutter a basement is to first sort out everything in the basement into three sections: keep, discard, and relocate. Keep items of personal worth and value, relocate furniture and other items to other rooms of the house, and discard everything else without value. Then, call a reputable junk hauler near you to have the junk hauled away efficiently.

How can I improve the air quality in my basement?

The best ways to improve air quality in your basement are to dry out the basement with a dehumidifier, ventilate, deep clean carpets and upholstery, test for radon gas, seal up any cracks in the walls/foundation, and remove all unwanted junk items with reliable junk haulers.

How long does it take to clean a basement?

It depends on the size of the basement and how cluttered and/or dirty it is. Normally, cleaning out a typical basement should take a couple of days at most if doing it yourself. If using a basement cleanout service, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day.

How do you clean a basement after a flood?

If your basement has been damaged from a flood, you'll need a sump pump to extract all water from the basement. Avoid using electrical sockets in the basement and use a gas-powered pump if no safe electrical connection can be made. Then, remove damaged carpets and furniture and arrange for their safe disposal by reputable junk haulers.

Basement cleanouts made simple with JunkGator

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