Bicycle removal and recycling

For all of the joy and convenience that we might get from our trusty bicycle, getting rid of an old and perhaps rusted bicycle can be a frustratingly sad finale for all of the miles you’ve travelled together.

The bad news is that bicycles can’t be tossed out with the trash - municipal sanitation workers won’t touch them. This can make getting rid of old bicycles a hassle. The good news? Affordable junk haulers near you found right here on JunkGator can eliminate that hassle altogether, quickly and efficiently.


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How to dispose of an old bicycle near you

Whether you enjoy a casual ride with friends every now and then or you’re training to become a cyclist, you may need to get rid of an old bicycle to either get a newer and better model or perhaps you’ve grown out of your current bicycle. This is common with children, who should always be riding a bicycle that is appropriately sized for their development.

While it’s often possible to gift a used bicycle to a friend or family member so that they can experience the joy of riding, sometimes it simply isn’t feasible. If your bicycle has worn out and you have no intention of selling or repairing it, you may just want that old rustbucket out of sight and out of mind. Junk haulers can take that old bicycle off your hands and dispose of it on your behalf, salvaging any scrap metals of value and ensuring that as little waste ends up in a landfill as possible.

Bike removal, recycling, and disposal services

Old bicycles aren’t necessarily junk. Some old frames could be antiques, some have been conquering roads and paths for half a century and all the need is a little fixing and a new set of tires and they’re good as new.

In most other cases, old bicycles cluttering up your home are just bulky junk taking up space. If nobody wants to take that old bike off your hands, it’s time to consider options like donating (when possible) or having it hauled away quickly with local junk haulers found on JunkGator.

Our reputable teams of junk haulers are available to provide same-day junk removal services in cities and counties across the United States. Junk removal teams found on JunkGator can help de-clutter your home and provide no-contact junk removal for bicycles of all kinds, such as upright bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, dual-action bikes, folding bicycles, children’s bicycles, children’s tricycles, unicycles, road bikes and much more.

Moreover, junk haulers on JunkGator can help get rid of home gym equipment such as elliptical machines, stationary bikes, indoor cycling equipment, treadmills and more.

Frequently asked questions about bicycle removal

Do charity shops take bicycles?

Yes, most charity shops and charitable organizations will accept old bicycles provided that they are in relatively usable condition or can be refurbished. Some charity shops might not take them if there’s no space to keep them, however, so always call in advance and ask them if they’re willing to take your old bicycle.

How long do bikes tend to last?

Some bicycles can last for far shorter than you’d want, some can last up to a century; it mostly depends on the frame quality, since most parts and components need frequent replacing. On average, most bicycles tend to last anywhere from around 15-25 years if well maintained and cared for.

Is it worth it to repair an old bicycle?

Old bicycles might be worth repairing if the frame is in reasonably good condition, but bicycles purchased from most department stores and cheaper bicycles are almost never worth fixing if they’re too worn out or damaged. If the frame is severely rusted, it’s often best to buy a new bicycle. If the frame has just a little rust, rust removal products can help remove it and restore the frame.

Can bikes be recycled?

Most bikes are made of recyclable materials such as aluminum and steel alloys, although not all parts and components may be recyclable. If you wish to recycle your bicycle, you may be able to simply drop it off at a recycling facility as-is or you may need to disassemble the bicycle beforehand.

What can I do with an old bicycle frame?

An old bicycle frame can be repurposed to make a brand new bicycle, although quite often it’s best to simply dispose of it at a scrapyard. Bicycle frames made of aluminum and other salvageable metals can be recycled, but carbon fiber bicycle frames cannot be recycled as easily. If you simply need to get rid of an old bicycle frame, consider calling a junk hauler to dispose of it for you.

How long does a bicycle last?

It depends a lot on the quality of the bicycle, but generally a good bicycle can last you for upwards of 30 years. Normally, the components will wear out far faster than the bicycle frame itself. Cheaper bicycles made of poor quality materials can wear out faster, and a poorly made bicycle frame can rust or become prone to damage than a good frame.

Eco-friendly bicycle disposal services

Don’t let your garage get cluttered up with rusty old bicycles and instead have them hauled away with junk removal services found right here on JunkGator. Our junk removal teams can help de-clutter your home, provide home cleanouts, office cleanouts, bulky item removal, and eco-friendly bike removal and disposal.


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Bicycles give us so much recreational value and utility, helping children, teenagers, and those without a car or driver’s license to have some mobility. They stop being useful once they’ve worn out, however, which is why it’s important to visit a bicycle shop to have it repaired and to replace components as needed. If you’ve simply outgrown your need for a bicycle, however, disposing of it can be a bit of a hassle.

What’s the best way to dispose of an old bicycle in the United States? Most city sanitation departments won’t collect old bicycles from the curb with your routine garbage collection, so you’ll need to find a better way to get rid of your bicycle. If the bicycle is in reasonably good condition, you could simply sell it or donate it to a charity. If the bicycle is completely worn out and nobody wants to buy it or take it for free, your best bet is to call a local, independent junk hauler.