Christmas tree removal

Ho, ho, hold onto your old Christmas decorations for next year and get rid of any junk accumulated during the festive season like old Christmas trees with qualified junk haulers near you. 

When the Christmas holidays pass and that old tree is just taking up space in your living room, you’re probably looking online for “Christmas tree removal near me.” With JunkGator, you’ve come to the right place. Our affordable, speedy same-day junk removal teams can come pick up your unwanted Christmas tree and any unwanted decorations, wrapping paper, boxes, or other junk accumulated during the holiday season.

Christmas tree removal service near you

Every year, homes across America fill up with junk and clutter through the holiday season. Christmas is all about giving, or so we’re told, but all of those gifts create an awful lot of waste that needs to be recycled or thrown away.

For plastic Christmas trees, decorations and ornaments, stow them away in your attic, garage or basement for next year with Christmas tree bags, ornament storage boxes, and light storage reels so that you don’t have to untangle a mess of lights come next December.

For all other unwanted junk, such as Christmas trees, cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations, and all of that wrapping paper from gifts, call a reputable junk hauler near you using JunkGator.

Frequently asked questions

When should the Christmas tree be removed?

Normally, most Americans remove their Christmas trees on the 5th or 6th of January, after the Twelfth Night after Christmas. By this time, many natural Christmas trees begin to lose (or have already lost) many of their needles and can make an awful mess in the home.

Is it bad luck to leave the Christmas tree up?

To many, it is considered bad luck to leave a Christmas tree up after the Twelfth Night after Christmas, which normally falls on January 5-6 every year. In some Christian traditions, the 6th of January, the Epiphany, is the end of the Christmas celebrations.

What should I do with my Christmas tree after Christmas?

After Christmas, the best ways to dispose of a Christmas tree are to compost it by clipping the branches and grinding down the trunk in a wood chipper to use as mulch. Alternatively, you can request municipal waste collection come pick up your Christmas tree and other organic yard waste or simply have a junk hauler near you come and collect it.

Can a cut Christmas tree be replanted?

Cut Christmas trees for decorating your home cannot be replanted and instead need to have their branches cut and composted with other organic waste. If your Christmas tree came with its bulb (which few do), then you can replant it in your backyard.

Eco-friendly Christmas tree disposal services

‘Tis the season for giving, and that includes giving away your old unwanted Christmas tree and Christmas decorations for composting, recycling, and/or disposal this year.

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