Couch and sofa removal

Getting rid of an old couch, sofa, or recliner can be a hassle. With JunkGator, we get rid of that hassle and haul away couches, sofas, and more so you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about how to get rid of these bulky items.

Quite often, depending where you live in the United States, leaving old furniture on the curb can be a great way to let others come pick it up for free. But if nobody's picking it up or it's too far gone for anyone to care about, you'll need to have junk haulers come get that darned thing off your property for good.

Couches and sofas shouldn't go to the landfill unless completely necessary, which is why we work with the best eco-friendly couch disposal services near you to ensure that furniture is recycled, refurbished, or donated to charity before being discarded in the landfill.

Forget about the heavy lifting. Let our approved members come do the hard work for you and at affordable prices.

Our junk haulers will pick up and dispose of:

Couches - Couches are great for resting and relaxing, but you won't do much of that on a ratty old couch. Let our junk haulers pick up your couch and dispose of it properly.

Sofas - If it's got arms, it's a sofa. Our junk hauler teams have their arms ready, willing and able to haul away sofas big and small from your home.

Recliners - Wouldn't it be nice to be reclining and enjoying your quiet time at home in a new recliner? Get that old recliner out of the home quickly and affordably with our junk hauling teams.

Loveseats - A three-seater is in some places called a chesterfield, but a two-seater is always a loveseat. Wouldn't you just love to see your old, unwanted loveseat out of sight and out of mind for good? Let our junk haulers take your unwanted loveseat off your hands.

Futons - Is it a bed or is it a couch? To a reliable junk hauler, it's all the same. Let our junk removal teams haul away your futon quickly and efficiently.

Sectionals – Removing old, unwanted sectionals can free up plenty of space in your living room. Let our junk haulers carefully take apart your sectionals and dispose of them properly.

Frequently asked questions about couch and sofa removal

How much does it cost to have a sofa removed?

It costs around $75-$160 to have a sofa removed, but keep in mind that this cost might be a fair bit higher or lower depending on your city and state. Also, keep in mind that DIY disposal of sofas will probably cost around $50. Armchairs tend to cost anywhere from around $50-$100 to remove in the United States.

Is it worth recovering a sofa?

If your sofa's in poor condition, it's almost always worth it to have it reupholstered. It's better for the environment since it won't go to a landfill. If the frame is broken or damaged, however, you should find an environmentally friendly method of disposal and consider purchasing a new sofa.

Should you throw out a stained or infested couch or sofa?

Yes. If your couch or sofa is infested, chances are your house may be infested as well and you'll want to call pest control after having the couch or sofa thrown away. To have your infested couch or sofa thrown away safely and efficiently, have junk haulers near you do the job for you or you can take it to the landfill yourself.

What is the average lifespan of a couch?

A couch or sofa usually lasts anywhere from around 7-15 years. If the frame hasn't broken or been damaged, you can get much longer lifespans by having them reupholstered instead. Stained couches and sofas can be brought back to life with good quality reupholstery, and this also delays having to toss it into a landfill so it's good for the environment.

Can couches and sofas be donated to charity?

Some charitable organizations will gladly accept used couches and sofas provided they are in reasonably good condition or can be reupholstered. Unfortunately, Goodwill has stopped accepting couches and sofas altogether so it's always best to see if a local church will take it or if you can list it online for free.

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