Dresser and wardrobe removal

Cleaning out your bedroom of old dressers and wardrobes can be quite a bit of work, which is why JunkGator has over 500 qualified and approved junk removal teams ready to help haul away old furniture like dressers and wardrobes with same-day junk removal services. We operate from coast to coast across the United States with junk haulers ready to collect any bedroom furniture you need gone for good.

Whether you’re moving out and need to de-clutter the home and your bedroom or you simply want to pick up new, more stylish dressers and wardrobes to complete your bedroom aesthetic, our reliable no-contact junk removal teams will be there whenever and wherever you need them.

Dresser and wardrobe removal near you

Moving dressers and wardrobes up and down flights of stairs could be a pretty quick two-person job, but it could also be a real pain in the back for larger, heavier wardrobes or dressers.

That’s one of many reasons why junk haulers listed on JunkGator are essential for safely and efficiently removing bedroom furniture like dressers and wardrobes. In addition to these often bulky furniture items, our junk removal teams can help remove other bedroom furniture and unwanted junk like armoires, nightstands, lamps, mattresses, bed frames, old clothing, bedroom and bathroom vanities, chests of drawers, clothing cabinets, built-in wardrobes and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of old dressers and wardrobes?

The fastest way to get rid of old dressers and wardrobes is to have them hauled away with same-day junk removal services such as those found on JunkGator. With same-day furniture removal services, those old dressers and wardrobes will be removed and hauled away within a matter of a few hours.

Can I leave dressers and wardrobes on the curb?

It depends. Most municipal waste collection services will not touch large, bulky furniture items, so you’ll need to call a junk hauler if you want them removed. Some municipal waste collection services might provide seasonal furniture removal if there’s only one or two items, for example, but this depends on your city and county.

How do I dispose of a mirrored wardrobe door?

Wardrobes with large mirrors can be donated or potentially recycled, but the mirror should be safely removed as mirror glass is non-recyclable. The mirror can then be sold to another buyer or donated to charity.

Where can I drop off old dressers and wardrobes?

Many charitable organizations in the United States accept old, used bedroom furniture such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. Call them in advance and ask them if they would be willing to come and pick up your old dressers and wardrobes from the curbside.

Eco-friendly furniture disposal near you

Hauling away old dressers and wardrobes can be a lot of work, which is why we recommend you try out JunkGator today. Get in touch with one of our over 500 registered and approved junk hauling teams all across the United States to have your dresser and/or wardrobe removed quickly, safely and for the best possible price.

JunkGator is completely FREE to use and you can request one or more FREE, no-obligation quotes in a matter of minutes. Just enter your ZIP code to find great value same-day junk removal services near you.