Garage cleanout

When you can no longer fit your car in the garage, there's a pretty good chance you need your garage cleaning out. Cluttered garages are not a problem for the over 500 junk haulers listed on JunkGator that operate nationwide across the United States and provide same-day junk removal services.

Decluttering your garage every once in a while is good to promote healthier, more spacious environments. Whether you use your garage simply to park your car, turned it into a man cave, or simply ended up cluttering it with too many boxes full of books, clothing, or unwanted junk, having a clean and tidy garage gives you more room and it won't look quite as embarrassing when you open your garage doors for the whole neighborhood to see.

A big problem with garage cleanouts is that it can take a lot of valuable time to declutter and even more time to haul away junk for recycling or to the landfill. That's where JunkGator is your ideal choice. We work with junk haulers near you that provide full garage cleanout services. Sit back and relax while our experienced teams pick up junk from your garage and leave it clean and tidy afterwards.

Same day garage cleanout services

If you're searching online for "garage cleanout near me" then JunkGator is here to help. Our growing network of independent junk hauling businesses that specialize in garage cleanouts can haul away junk on the same day.

Our junk haulers can remove anything you've got in your garage from the past few months or years, including old mattresses, appliances, unwanted boxes of junk (books, clothing, etc.) and much more. Our junk removal partners strive to divert as much junk from landfills as possible, so any salvageable items can be refurbished, recycled, or donated to charity which helps reduce the strain on our landfills.

Frequently asked questions about garage cleanouts

How often should you clean out your garage?

Garages should be cleaned out at least once per year, including decluttering, power washing surfaces, and deep cleaning shelving units, workstations, or anything else you've got in your garage. This helps to maintain a tidy, orderly garage whether you use the space personally or if you just use it to park your vehicle.

What does it cost to have a garage cleaned?

It depends. On average, a garage cleanout that takes a few hours might cost around $75-$100, depending on your city or state. This is just for cleaning, so keep in mind that junk removal and disposal will drive up costs. Always make sure you receive a quote from your preferred junk hauler so you know what to expect.

How can I declutter my garage quickly?

Depending on the amount of clutter in your garage, the best way to clear out garage clutter quickly is to dedicate a full day or more to organizing the contents of your garage. Invest in storage cabinets, wall pegboards and slatwalls, overhead storage, and compartments that encourage clean, tidy spaces.

How should I organize my garage on a budget?

Organizing a garage on a budget doesn't need to be complicated. Invest in storage compartments and try to keep things off the floor. By putting things into overhead storage or in open shelving units, you can tidy up your garage without spending much at all. Junk removal teams can also clean out your garage for affordable prices when you choose JunkGator.

Affordable garage cleanout services near you

Cleaning out your garage and hauling away junk shouldn't cost a fortune, which is why JunkGator works with honest, local small businesses specializing in garage cleanouts, house cleanouts, and junk removal services at competitive prices.

Since every garage is a little different in terms of size and how much junk (and what kind) needs to be removed, prices can vary quite a bit. That's why JunkGator allows you to obtain no-obligation quotes before putting a single dollar down. We're confident you'll be able to find best prices for high-quality no-contact junk removal near you on our platform.

Get started by clicking on "GET QUOTES" then enter your ZIP code to find nearby junk haulers in your city and county.