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For all the joy and comfort a cozy hot tub or jacuzzi can bring to a home, they also come with pretty high maintenance costs. Hot tubs and spas can be a challenge to remove from your home, however. If you’re looking for “hot tub removal near me” then you’ve come to the right place.

Hot tub removal requires more than one person in order to dismantle and remove the hot tub safely. That’s why we recommend you choose a reliable junk hauler listed here on JunkGator to help take apart and dispose of your hot tub with our no-contact junk removal services.

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Why you need a professional hot tub removal service

As your hot tub ages, you may wish to get rid of it or replace it with a newer model. However, disposing of an old one can be a daunting task, especially as a DIY project. Their size and weight make the hot tub removal process difficult, and they cannot simply be carried off to the dump or left out for the garbage truck to pick up. When your old hot tub reaches the end of its life or you decide to upgrade, the question of how to remove and dispose of it will arise. Selling or donating the old hot tub may not be a quick solution. The best option is to have it professionally removed, transported and disposed of.

There are other good reasons for professional hot tub removal, as well. Remember that even if you manage to carry your hot tub out of your house to a landfill or dump yard, you still need to figure out what to do with it. Most cities have zero waste and landfill regulations that prevent you from simply dumping your old hot tub there. Keep in mind that junk removal is very different from garbage collection. Professional junk haulers can help by dismantling the hot tub, piece by piece, and disposing of it on your behalf.

Hot tub removal and disposal service near you

Quite often in the United States, we use the terms ‘hot tub’ and ‘jacuzzi’ interchangeably. There’s actually a difference: hot tubs are a generic term whereas Jacuzzi is a brand name that manufactures hot tubs and other home spa products. Whatever you call it, our junk removal teams will haul it!

Junk removal services near you found on JunkGator can help take apart and remove all sorts of hot tubs and spas, including swim spas, hot tub covers, whirlpools, Jacuzzis, home saunas, portable hot tubs, soaking tubs, walk-in bathtubs, claw foot tubs, saltwater hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs, above ground pools and much more.

As a core part of the hot tub disposal process, our junk removal teams will help disassemble and remove the tub’s acrylic or plastic shell, steel and fiberglass, spa sound systems, hot tub decking, and roofs or gazebos built for shelter over the hot tub or spa. If you are searching online for the “best hot tub removal service near me,” you’ve come to the right place. 

Frequently asked questions about hot tub removal

How much does it cost to remove an old hot tub?

Hot tub removal costs in the United States tend to vary between $175-$650, depending on the junk hauler and your location. The average cost of removing a hot tub is around $375. The amount of labor required will also drive up costs, so bigger or more complex hot tubs or jacuzzis will likely end up costing more than smaller ones.

How much does it cost to remove a spa?

A spa or jacuzzi can cost anywhere from around $300-$800 in the United States. Keep in mind that jacuzzi is a brand name that manufactures hot tubs, so not all hot tubs are jacuzzis and vice versa. Jacuzzi manufactures home spas of high quality and as such tend to be more complex to dismantle and remove.

How hard is it to remove a hot tub?

Hot tub removal is challenging. Dismantling and hauling away a hot tub is not a one-man job and requires expertise to take apart and sort. Recycling centers and landfills will not accept hot tubs as-is, so they must be dismantled properly before being accepted.

Can you cut up a hot tub with a chainsaw?

No. You should not use a chainsaw to dismantle a hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi. The acrylic shell of most hot tubs is dense and will most certainly wear out the chainsaw quickly. Instead, it is often best to leave the job of dismantling a hot tub to junk removal businesses that understand the best ways of taking apart a hot tub.

Should I drain my hot tub before pickup?

For the best and most efficient hot tub disposal process, we recommend that you drain all water and disconnect any hoses connected to your hot tub. If you need assistance with draining the water, you can attach a garden hose to the bottom drain spout of the hot tub and ensure that it is securely connected. Once that is done, open the spigot and let the tub drain.

Do I need to disconnect the Jacuzzi before the hot tub removal?

We suggest that you disconnect your hot tub before the team arrives. This includes turning off the heater and switching off the main supply. If you are unsure of how to do this, it is recommended to contact a local plumber. If your hot tub has electric air blowers, turn them off and use a vacuum cleaner to drain any remaining water. This will make the hot tub disposal process very quick. 

Best price hot tub and spa removal service

JunkGator has over 500 registered junk hauling experts near you, ready and willing to bring all the hustle and muscle needed to haul away your old hot tub or spa. Request one or more no-obligation quotes today.

We’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck. Please keep in mind that hot tub removal costs may vary on a case-by-case basis.  You show us what needs to be removed, and our member partner will handle the rest.


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Need your hot tub dismantled and hauled away?

Recycling the components of an old hot tub or spa is an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of them. The easiest way to do this is to hire a professional junk removal company through JunkGator.

Hot tub removal services found on JunkGator means our partners can disassemble the unit and take them to industrial recycling processors, ensuring that your old hot tub does not end up in landfills. By recycling the hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi, substantial amounts of metal, plastic and fiberglass are kept out of landfills.