House cleanout

Got clutter around the house you need gone in a jiffy? Reliable junk haulers are only a quick call away when you use JunkGator. Our member partners can carry out full and partial house cleanouts anytime, anywhere you need them most.

It takes a lot of effort to clear out a room or an entire house or estate, which is why JunkGator is your go-to choice for getting affordable hustle and muscle at your doorstep ready to haul away junk, furniture, bulky items, and to leave your home looking clean and presentable. Not only are all our house cleanout partners insured and ready to haul away unwanted items from your room(s) or entire house, but they'll also provide you with great value for money while simultaneously getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, our member partners are all vetted for quality, customer service, and an environmentally-friendly approach to waste disposal. Whenever possible, our estate cleanout partners will endeavour to minimize waste directed to landfills and instead opt for recycling or donations to charity, depending on the type of waste.

Experienced and environmentally responsible

No matter whether you need a few rooms cleared out with a partial house cleanout, a full house or estate cleanout, or simply need a few bulky items (mattresses, refrigerators, etc.) removed, our house cleanout teams are here to help.

We operate a junk removal and house cleanout network that covers all counties and states from coast to coast across the USA. Members listed on JunkGator tend to be small, independent businesses that can offer personalized services to meet your estate cleanout needs, but one thing they all have in common is that each and every partner is vetted and approved for your peace of mind.

Moreover, our house cleanout partners in your ZIP code have local knowledge and expertise, which means they'll be able to show up on time, reliably, get the job done, then haul off your junk to the appropriate recycling center or landfill. All of this cuts down on mileage, keeps prices competitively low, and ensures a better quality service all while benefitting small businesses in your community.

What house cleanout services are available?

House cleanout services are fairly broad in scope, but generally they include either full estate cleanouts of bulky items and household rubbish, room cleanouts such as garages, attics, basements or rental units, or bulky item removal that you've had cluttering up your garage for far too long.

Here are some examples of house cleanout tasks our member partners can assist with:

Full house cleanout

It's amazing how much stuff we can accumulate in the span of six months, so just imagine how much we accumulate over years in our homes. Full house cleanout services involve the complete removal of all junk, rubbish, and waste from your house so that it looks just like new. This can be ideal prior to demolitions work, foreclosures, after a natural disaster, reselling the home to a new buyer, or clearing out the estate of a deceased relative, for example.

Partial house cleanout

Perhaps your basement or attic is so full that you can no longer see the floor, or your garage is so jam-packed you can't even park your care inside anymore. Whatever the case, whichever room in your house needs cleaning out, our members are up to the task.

Partial house cleanout services include the cleanout of specific rooms, such as the garage, attic, basement, rental units, home offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. These services are an excellent way to de-clutter the home, to prepare for renovations or remodelling, or to prepare a room for re-use (new baby room, for example).

Bulky waste removal

Got a rotten old mattress sitting around the house that you just want tossed out? Big items like refrigerators, television sets, ovens, and mattresses need to be properly disposed of, so if you've got bulky items you need gone straight away, our junk removal teams can come by and haul them away in a jiffy.

Other bulky items that require proper removal include sofas, armchairs, wardrobes, tables and chairs, and garden gazebos, trampolines, paving slabs, and large tree branches, to name a few.

How to prepare for a house cleanout

Act early and plan accordingly: sometimes, you've got plenty of time to organize a house cleanout and can find a reputable junk hauler on JunkGator whenever it suits you best. Oftentimes, however, time isn't on your side. Foreclosures or natural disasters, for example, can put you on a pretty short fuse to find a quick and cheap house cleanout team as soon as possible. While our house cleanout members can get the job done quickly and at a reasonable price, they do need time because safety is their priority.

Moreover, big house cleanout jobs can take up to a full day, depending on how much needs to be hauled off and the size of the van. If you want to reduce the stress and hassle of clearing your house, it's best to get in touch with a house cleanout team on JunkGator early and to communicate with them about how much junk you've got so that they can give you a realistic estimate of how long it'll take.

Remove any high-value items: often when dealing with estate cleanouts (particularly bereavement), there may be objects of significant monetary value. Heirlooms and antique furniture, for example, can be appraised by an expert beforehand so that you can hold onto them and sell them for a (potentially) hefty profit. You don't have to be on the next episode of the Antiques Roadshow, but just having an antique shop owner come by and evaluate the ‘junk' can yield some interesting surprises.

Some items to consider holding onto include jewelry, antique furniture, vases, sculptures and artwork. Also, hold onto anything that looks like it has sentimental value. An old teddy bear, for example, could make a wonderful heirloom for grandchildren to inherit.

Shred any sensitive documents: a big source of identity theft in the USA comes from accessing letters and documents carelessly tossed away into recycling bins or litter baskets. If it's got your name, credit card number, or other personally identifiable information on it, shred it securely before having it hauled away.

When you need quick, safe, and cheap house cleanout services near you, look no further than JunkGator. Start using our network today and get as many FREE, no-obligation quotes for estate cleanout services anywhere in the USA.