Junk removal in Austin, TX

On the hunt for a genuine local junk hauler near you in Austin, TX? Start your search by using JunkGator, a nationwide network of 500+ reliable junk removal experts operating in Austin. Our local junk haulers in the capital city can help you de-clutter your home or business with ease.

Member partners listed here on JunkGator can perform a wide variety of junk removal services, including furniture and bulky item removal, full and partial property cleanouts, garage cleanouts, and much more. When you need junk gone quickly and at affordable prices, you’ll find reputable junk haulers right here on JunkGator.

Eco-friendly junk removal in Austin, Texas

For the over 964,000 residents in Austin (and over 2.2 million in Metro Austin), there are plenty of choices for junk removal. You probably already know a few franchise companies that provide nationwide junk removal, but do you know how to find independent junk haulers that offer better prices and great services from true local experts? Through JunkGator, naturally!

Calling a local junk hauler in Austin just makes sense. Not only will you be working with a small business in your community, but they’ll also be able to more efficiently get the job done due to their local expertise. This means faster routes to the landfill, and more items that can be donated to charity or recycled, thereby making them more eco-friendly than many competitors.

If you live in or around Austin or in Travis County, Hays County, or Williamson County, you’ll be able to use JunkGator to get quick and affordable junk removal for your property.

How JunkGator works

Property owners in and around Austin, Texas can start using JunkGator today.

The process works like this:

  • Click GET QUOTES above and enter your ZIP code (e.g. 78701–78705 for Austin, TX). Find your preferred junk hauler from the corresponding list.
  • Ask any of the junk haulers listed there for a no-obligation quote and arrange a junk pickup date with your preferred junk hauler.
  • Provide the junk hauler with access the property and point out what needs to be removed, then sit back and let them tackle the heavy lifting.
  • After the job’s done and your property is clutter-free, leave a short little review for your junk hauler. Word of mouth means a lot to these local businesses, so spread the word and let customers know what to expect.

Frequently asked questions

How many landfills are there in Texas?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are 26 operational landfills in the great state of Texas and 48 candidate landfills. That’s over twice as much as the national average of 11 landfills per state, but consider also that Texas is the second-most populated state.

How can I find local junk removal services in Austin?

There’s no doubt that many properties in Austin are packed full of unwanted clutter, and there are plenty of junk removal companies that can help you get rid of it - for a price. If you want to save money while getting great service from local junk haulers, you don’t have to look very far. JunkGator makes it quick and easy to find nearby junk haulers operating in Austin and across the United States.

How do I get rid of construction debris in Austin, Texas?

The City of Austin’s residential trash collection is probably your go-to method of disposing of ordinary household trash and garbage, but there are many things that won’t be collected from your brown trash cart. Construction debris, rocks, gravel, and concrete cannot be collected from the curb, so you’ll need to contract a local junk hauler to get the job done for you. Find your junk hauler through JunkGator and get rid of construction debris and more.

How do I clean out my home in?

Need to clear out your home? Whether you’re moving out of the city or state or you’ve evicted a tenant from a rental property, clearing out an entire home or apartment unit can be quite a bit of work. Junk haulers can help with partial or full residential property cleanouts, thus saving you time and effort.

Quality junk removal services covering Austin, TX

Keep your property in Austin looking clean, beautiful and clutter-free by using JunkGator to find nearby independent junk haulers.

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