Junk removal in Minneapolis, MN

JunkGator’s nationwide network of independent junk removal companies has junk haulers near you in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro area that are ready, willing and able to pick up junk and haul it away at affordable prices.

From the City of Lakes to the Twin Cities, whatever you wish to call them, you should be calling your home or business a clean and clutter-free place to live and/or work. Declutter your home and get unwanted junk removed with quick and efficient same-day junk removal from our partners operating in the Twin Cities area.

Responsible junk removal in Minneapolis, MN

Did you know that the average American throws away more waste and unwanted junk than anywhere else in the world? At 4.9 pounds of waste per person, per day, that’s a lot of waste. Considering there are over 429,000 inhabitants in Minneapolis (and over 1.2 million in Hennepin County), one can only imagine how much unwanted junk needs to be thrown away every single day.

Residents and businesses operating across the Twin Cities should be looking for affordable and reliable junk removal services, which is what JunkGator is here for. Moreover, eco-friendly junk removal that minimizes needless waste that ends up in landfills is preferable, so choose an environmentally friendly junk removal company listed on JunkGator to help the environment at the same time.

Our junk haulers in Minneapolis and St. Paul operate all across the Twin Cities and Hennepin County, so no matter whether your property is located along I-94 or I-394, or U.S. Route 52 or 12, from Lake Minnetonka to the mighty Mississippi River, we’ve got junk haulers near you.

How JunkGator works for customers in Minneapolis, MN

Want quick and hassle-free junk removal in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities? Start by using JunkGator today.

The process works like this:

  • Click on GET QUOTES above then enter your ZIP code (e.g. 55401–55488 for Minneapolis, MN). Browse through our junk haulers operating in Minneapolis and read their profiles.
  • See a junk hauler you like? Request a no-obligation quote for junk removal services.
  • After receiving your quote, you’re free to work out a time and place for them to come by to pick up junk.
  • Let our junk haulers arrive and provide them access to the property. Sit back and relax; they’ll handle the rest.
  • Don’t forget to leave a genuine review of your junk hauler after the job’s done.

Frequently asked questions

How many landfills are there in Minnesota?

In the great state of Minnesota, there are 5 operational landfills and a further 5 candidate landfills, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The national average is around 11 landfills per state, not considering landmass or population size, so Minnesota has less than half of the average.

How do I find reliable junk removal services in Minneapolis, MN?

It’s easy to find junk removal services in Minneapolis, MN. Many companies provide all sorts of junk hauling services, but finding reliable services can be a challenge. Choose JunkGator for approved and vetted independent junk haulers operating in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

How do I get rid of unwanted junk in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

The City of Minneapolis operates trash collection services that are quite flexible. They’ll pick up household trash and garbage as well as some other unwanted junk, but there are many things they simply won’t touch. To get rid of unwanted junk in a cost-effective and simple way, hire a junk hauler from JunkGator instead.

Is illegal dumping a big problem in Minneapolis?

Illegal dumping is a problem everywhere in the United States, including in Minneapolis. Residents can report illegal dumping in progress by calling 911, or report illegal dumping after it’s occurred by calling 311. Refer to the City of Minneapolis’ guide on illegal dumping for more information.

JunkGator for reliable junk removal in Minneapolis, MN

Want to keep your property clean and clutter-free in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities area? It all starts right here with JunkGator and it ends with you hiring a reputable, trustworthy junk hauler to bring their hustle and muscle to clear out junk from your property to your satisfaction.

Save big and get reliable, professional junk removal in Minneapolis by using JunkGator today.

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