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JunkGator has plenty of hardworking local junk haulers operating in sunny Phoenix and Maricopa County. Our network of independent junk removal experts are ready to help you haul away junk from your property, provide property cleanout services, and much more, all at affordably low prices.

No matter where you live up or down the I-10 or I-17, across the East Valley and West Valley, get quick and efficient junk removal services in and around Phoenix by finding a reputable junk hauler through JunkGator. Our website is a platform that makes it easy and hassle-free to get rid of junk in Phoenix, AZ.

Same day junk removal in Phoenix, Arizona

You may have heard that the average American tosses away around five pounds of waste every single day. That’s an awful lot of waste, and not all of it is quick or easy to get rid of. Considering that there are over 1.6 million residents in Phoenix and over 4.8 million residents in Metro Phoenix, the amount of unwanted trash and junk is simply staggering.

While much of your ordinary household trash and garbage can be disposed of at the curbside, a lot of items won’t be picked up and you’ll need to find a way to clear it out. That’s exactly what junk haulers specialize in. They’ll remove old, unwanted mattresses, yard waste, sofas… You name it, they haul it.

How JunkGator works

If you live in or around Phoenix, AZ or in Maricopa County, start using JunkGator today.

The process works like this:

  • Start by clicking on GET QUOTES and typing in your ZIP code (e.g. 85001–85099 for Phoenix, AZ). Have a look at the results and read the profiles of our junk haulers operating in and around Phoenix, AZ.
  • Feel free to reach out and contact any junk haulers operating in Phoenix and request as many FREE, no-obligation quotes as you like.
  • Happy with the price quoted? Arrange a suitable time and date for your junk to be hauled away.
  • Provide access to your property for the junk haulers at the time of your appointment, then sit back and relax while they do the rest.
  • Are you happy with the service? Pay it forward and leave a nice little review for your junk hauler. It’ll help them get their name out and to provide stellar services for future customers.

Frequently asked questions

How many landfills are there in Arizona?

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that there are 2 operational landfills in the great state of Arizona along with 17 candidate landfills. On average, there are around 11 landfills per state, not accounting for population. This makes Arizona one of the states with the fewest number of landfills after Alaska (1) and Hawaii (0).

How can I find reputable junk removal services?

It’s easy to do a quick online search for junk removal in Phoenix, but you’ll often see the same-old big corporate junk haulers listed at the top. Instead, try choosing a genuine local junk hauler. You can find plenty of them right here on JunkGator, all of which are reputable and honest independent junk removal businesses that are eager to offer great services at great prices.

How do I get rid of trash & recycling in Phoenix, Arizona?

Residents of Phoenix, AZ are eligible to receive trash & recycling collection from the curbside of their property the moment that the water service is connected. Different trucks will come on your collection day for trash and recycling, and the city requests that you leave your bins 4 feet apart and at least 15 feet away from any vehicles or obstructions. Find out your trash & recycling collection day in Phoenix here. If you’ve got too much trash & recycling, consider hiring a junk hauler to lend a helping hand.

How do I get rid of old furniture?

Many charitable organizations in Phoenix will be happy to accept old furniture, provided it is an item that they accept and it’s in reasonably good condition. If you need to get rid of old furniture in a hurry and for affordable prices, you should call a junk hauler near you. Often, they’ll donate the item to charity, which means that they can offer you great prices since they aren’t paying to have it dumped at a landfill.

Quick and simple junk removal in Phoenix, Arizona

If you live in The Valley and need to get rid of unwanted junk from your property, start out by calling one of our many reliable junk haulers here on JunkGator. Our platform is completely free to use and we don’t require a membership of any sort. Just enter your ZIP code and get free quotes from junk haulers near you.

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