Junk Haulers Near Me: Find The Best Junk Hauler In Your Area

If I were looking for junk haulers near me, I would want to know the following about the service provider:

  • Is the company licensed and insured?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are their reviews like?
  • What are their prices?
  • What types of junk do they remove?
  • What is their timeframe for removal?
  • Do they offer any guarantees?
  • Are they environmentally friendly?

When it comes to finding junk haulers near you, here’s what you need to know:

  • JunkGator is a platform that connects you with reputable local junk haulers.
  • This site is free to use and there is no obligation to book any services.
  • Our partners are independent and genuine businesses that have been vetted and approved.
  • Same-day junk removal services and competitive prices.
  • The cost of junk removal varies depending on the type of junk, the amount of junk, and the location.
  • It is important to get a quote from multiple junk haulers before making a decision.
  • JunkGator is a great way to find a reliable and affordable junk removal service.

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Whether you need to get rid of bulky items like furniture, appliances, mattresses, or you need your yard, attic, basement or whole home cleaned out, we are available to lend a helping hand.

Member partners listed on JunkGator operate in towns, cities and counties across the United States.

We are not a junk removal company ourselves, but instead we simply provide a platform for independent junk haulers who have been vetted and approved.

This means that each and every junk hauler listed on this website will have a different coverage area, so you’ll have to first find a junk hauler near you and let them know where your property is located in order to de-clutter your property.

We only operate in the United States, but if you’re located in the United Kingdom you can use our sister website Rubbish.com to find affordable rubbish removal services.

Why listen to us?

JunkGator is your ideal partner for finding quick and affordable junk haulers near you. We work with over 500 reputable junk removal companies across the United States. Learn more about our expertise.

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Local junk hauling. Best prices guaranteed

Using JunkGator is and will always be 100% free.

We don’t charge you a single dollar for connecting you with great, affordable junk haulers in your area.

There’s also no need to sign up or provide any personal information to us.

All we do is connect you with reputable junk haulers, so it’s a win-win!

Since our members operate independently, there’s no fixed price for junk removal and the cost can vary widely depending on many different factors.

Learn more about the approximate prices for junk removal to get a better idea of how much you might expect to pay, but keep in mind that most independent junk haulers are far more affordable than the big name franchises.

Why choose JunkGator for local junk removal services?

There are many great reasons why you should start using JunkGator to find trustworthy local junk haulers operating in your area. Below are three of the top reasons:

Local expertise, anywhere in the United States

Local junk haulers provide local expertise, which means they already operate in your community and know how to optimize their routes to and from your property and to the disposal site.

They’ll also have far better connections with local charities, which lets them reduce waste going to the landfill while also helping out someone in need.

Dependable, same-day junk removal services

Need junk gone today? Most junk haulers listed on this site provide dependable same-day junk removal services. Moreover, our member partners are dependable and will show up on-time when you need them - no more inconvenient appointment windows!

Affordable prices from genuine local junk haulers

Our junk removal partners are all genuine, independent junk haulers that run much lower overheads than the big-name competitors out there.

By choosing a local junk hauler listed on JunkGator, you’re getting competitive rates for junk removal and free quotes for services.

Frequently asked questions about junk removal

Why use JunkGator?

Dealing with a home or business full of unwanted junk can be a headache, so getting it hauled away is a great solution.

Our provide customers with competitive prices, dependable services (including same-day junk removal) and no-obligation quotes.

Should I call a local junk hauler or one of the national franchises?

In most cases, it is far better to work with a local, independent junk hauler than to call one of the big national franchises for the same job. They tend to be local experts that often offer better prices, have lower overheads, and can provide same-day junk removal.

If you do choose to hire an independent junk hauler, however, it is extremely important that they are a legitimate and genuine business that has been vetted and approved.

All junk haulers listed on this site are independent and have been vetted and approved for quality.

What is the average cost of junk removal in the United States?

Estimates vary, but a liberal estimate for junk removal would be around $239 in 2023, with a range of around $132-$371. On average, the cost per cubic foot of junk is around $1.25-$2.00.

The cost of junk removal services varies substantially from state to state and from business to business, which is why it’s worth shopping around for good prices and reliable services.

In which states does junk removal tend to be the most expensive?

On average, junk removal tends to cost the most in states such as California and New York.

For example, the average cost of junk removal in Los Angeles, CA is around $300; the average cost of junk removal in New York, NY is around $350.

There are many factors that can affect these estimates, so it is important to always get a transparent quote before doing business with a junk hauler near you.

In which states does junk removal tend to be the least expensive?

On average, junk removal tends to cost the least in states such as Texas and Georgia.

For example, the average cost of junk removal in Austin, TX is around $190; the average cost of junk removal in Atlanta, GA is also around $190.

These average estimates can vary widely, so it is important to obtain a FREE and transparent quote before doing business with your preferred junk hauler.

How much does it cost do dump waste in a landfill?

The average fee for dumping waste in a landfill in the United States is around $53.04/ton as of 2021.

States in the Northeast tend to pay substantially more, at an average of around $69.94/ton.

As of 2018, there are an estimated 1,269 landfill sites across the United States.

How to find a junk hauler near you

One of the quickest ways to find a local junk hauler is to simply do an online search for “junk removal near me” but it isn’t the best way nor is it the cheapest way.

Most small ‘ma and pa’ junk removal businesses don’t have a website, so you won’t find them in a typical online search. Where are they all hiding?

JunkGator makes it quick and easy to find reputable, genuine local junk haulers, anywhere in the United States.

The easiest way to find a nearby junk removal business is to click on get quotes above and enter your ZIP code.

We’ll show you listings of all our member partners operating in your area, so all you’ve got to do is read through their profiles and give them a call.

You can also use this page to browse by town/city. Simply find the city where your property is located, and we’ll list all member partners operating in and around that city.