Office cleanout

Need to de-clutter your office or commercial business property? Professional junk removal companies are ready to help. JunkGator puts you in direct contact with over 500 reputable junk haulers operating across the United States.

Our approved junk removal teams can assist with a wide range of commercial property cleanout services, including office cleanouts, retail shop cleanouts, construction and demolition waste removal, and much more.

With a shift towards remote working, many offices all across the United States are in need of efficient furniture removal, partition and cubicle dismantling and removal, and professional cleanup services.

JunkGator is your top choice for finding affordable, reliable, and qualified commercial junk haulers near you. All you need to do is click on “GET QUOTES” and enter your ZIP code to get in touch with junk removal teams near you.

Professional and environmentally responsible

Commercial junk removal is a broad term for all sorts of junk removal and cleanouts of offices, retail stores and more. Consequently, it’s always best to ensure that you only choose professional junk haulers that are fully insured. No-contact junk removal should also strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible, with as much junk as possible being diverted from landfills to recycling centers, refurbishment, or composting, depending on the type of junk.

Whether you’re terminating your lease for a shop and need all shelving units out the door by the end of the month or you’re an office manager in need of a trustworthy team of junk haulers to responsibly dispose of office furniture and electronics, our commercial junk removal teams are available to help.

Which office cleanout services are available?

Below are some common examples of commercial junk cleanout services that junk haulers on JunkGator can provide:

Hotels and hospitality

If you need hotel beds & mattresses and furniture removed and hauled away safely and efficiently, our junk haulers can help your hospitality business clear out bulky items, clear out rooms, and haul away junk from remodelling and renovations.

Moving companies

When moving from one business location to another, our junk haulers can work with you and your moving company to pick up junk and unwanted bulky items and clean out the property afterwards.

Health clinics and hospitals

Specialized junk removal teams can remove clinical hazardous waste, hospital beds, furniture, and medical equipment for clinics, doctor offices, hospitals and assisted living facilities.

Public sector

Junk haulers listed on JunkGator can assist local county and state government agencies to remove furniture from government offices and buildings, as well as assisting public works departments with the removal of organic waste from parks, public right-of-way, and removing debris after storms and natural disasters.

Schools and educational institutions

If you need desks, chairs, playgrounds, whiteboards, electronics, and other furniture or bulky items removed from a school, university, daycare, or college dorm room, junk haulers on JunkGator are ready to assist.

Retail stores

From small mom and pop shops to large department stores, junk haulers on JunkGator can help remove shelving units, furniture and other junk and trash from retail stores. Our member partners also provide seasonal junk removal services, assist with store remodelling, or help with full business closures.

Bars and restaurants

Reliable junk haulers near you can help remove barstools, booths, chairs, tables, grills, appliances, deep fryer units, hood vents, and other junk from bars and restaurants.

Event management

Event venues, banquet halls, movie theaters, wedding venues, sporting arenas, and concert junk removal services help property owners maintain a clean, organized entertainment space for future guests while hauling away junk and litter.

Construction and demolition

Construction and demolitions contractors and property owners rely on qualified, experienced junk removal teams for safe and efficient debris removal and disposal of building waste.

How to prepare for an office cleanout

Plan for success: even small offices can take quite a bit of time and effort to fully clean out, so always plan early and act early by sorting out all important items from the junk. Sometimes, time just isn’t on your side. Upper management closing down an office branch on short notice can leave you scrambling for quick and affordable commercial junk removal.

That’s where JunkGator can give you peace of mind and satisfactory results. Our aim is to make it easy and affordable to rind reliable junk haulers near you in the USA, so reach out to one of our over 500 approved members to arrange for office cleanout services.

Evaluate high-value junk items: used office furniture is often worth quite a bit to the right buyer, so carefully consider specific items of office furniture such as boardroom tables and ergonomic office chairs. In some cases, you may want to sell these online, but in other cases it might be alright to take the furniture home or to give it to employees.

Many junk haulers found on JunkGator will be able to pick up junk from offices and sell it to other buyers or donate to charitable organizations, so ask your preferred junk hauler if they’d be willing to sell it on your behalf as this saves you the effort of having to move it out of the office yourself.

Leave no traces of sensitive data: costly data breaches are a major issue in the USA and one of the most common methods of causing a data breach comes from accessing discarded hard drives and computers where sensitive company information may be freely available.

For this reason, it is prudent to wipe all hard drives or sensitive information on IT assets or to work with a reliable IT asset disposition provider to ensure that all data is securely destroyed. Trustworthy junk hauling companies on JunkGator will dispose of e-waste in an environmentally-sensitive manner by opting for recycling or refurbishment rather than dumping in a landfill.

Frequently asked questions about office cleanout services

Can I clean out an office for free?

Office cleanouts are never completely free since they’ll either cost you time, money or both. It is possible to have an office cleaned out on your own, but you’ll have to sort out the junk and haul it away to the landfill yourself, which is not free. For affordable commercial junk removal services near you, choose JunkGator.

Is it worth keeping old office furniture?

Some old office furniture can be refurbished and used at home or resold to a happy buyer, so it depends on the quality of the furniture and its condition. It may even be a good idea to let employees take old office furniture home since this saves you the cost of disposing of it.

Can office furniture be donated to charity?

It depends. Most charitable organizations such as Goodwill will accept donations of office furniture. Local and county organizations serving your community may also be happy to take your old office furniture off your hands and donate it to those in need.

Is office junk recyclable?

Most office junk is partially or fully recyclable. Cubicle partitioning walls, desks, chairs, and office appliances contain scrap metal or other recyclable components which can be taken to a recycling facility by reliable office junk haulers near you.