Office furniture removal

Offices and commercial businesses across the United States continuously undergo changes due to business cycles, whether that be opening new branches, shutting down operations, or moving elsewhere. Perhaps no year has been as infamous for these rapid transitions as 2020. Nearly a third of all small businesses have remained closed from 2020-2021, to give some perspective.

All of the office furniture, from desks to cubicles to our water coolers all need to go somewhere during these times of transition. For many offices and commercial businesses, especially those downsizing, shifting to remote work or hybrid work, or shutting down completely, office furniture and other unwanted items need to be disposed of safely, efficiently, and for affordable prices.

Eco-friendly office furniture removal and disposal

JunkGator is an ideal solution for commercial businesses and offices that need partial or full office cleanouts. Whether it’s a few pieces of furniture or a large floor plan full of unused cubicles that need to be removed before the end of the month, we’ve got junk haulers operating in your city and state that specialize in office furniture removal.

Junk haulers found on JunkGator can assist with all manner of office furniture removal, from items like office desks to chairs, modular cubicles, boardroom tables, room dividers, panels, partitions, accordion dividers, filing cabinets, office couches and sofas, workstations, call center cubicles, ergonomic office chairs, executive office chairs, fax machines, laptops, PCs, printers, monitors, storage lockers, reception desks and much more.

Frequently asked questions

How do I dispose of a broken office chair?

If a broken office chair can be reupholstered or repaired, it might be worth doing this to keep it or to sell/give it to an employee. You also may wish to donate it to charity, provided that it can be repaired. Otherwise, broken office chairs should be recycled. All recyclable metals and components must be disassembled for recycling and the remainder is sent to the dump.

Can I leave office furniture at the curb with my trash?

Depending on your municipal sanitation department, you may be able to leave one or two pieces of office furniture at the curbside for collection. For offices with dozens or hundreds of pieces of furniture, you cannot leave these items at the curb and instead must have the office cleaned out professionally by a team of junk removal experts.

Can office furniture be donated to charity?

Most charitable organizations in the United States will gladly accept office furniture provided that it is in a reasonably good condition and can be refurbished. Check in advance with organizations such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill since they constantly revise their policies as to what they do and don’t accept.

How can I clean out an office quickly and efficiently?

One of the most efficient office cleanout methods is to hire a junk removal service near you to haul away office furniture and junk safely and efficiently. Consider selling or giving old desks and chairs to colleagues for use at home, then have the junk haulers collect the remainder of the unwanted junk for disposal.

Removal and recycling of office furniture near you

You can rely on the affordable, safe, and reputable no-contact junk removal services found on JunkGator. Our list of over 500 vetted and approved junk haulers continues to grow, with more and more junk haulers ready to perform partial and full office cleanout services and to haul away office furniture and other bulky items.