Patio and garden furniture removal

Backyard barbecues with friends and family can be wonderful experiences, especially with all the patio furniture and amenities for guests to enjoy on warm summer days. Whether you’re looking to update your style with new outdoor furniture or your old patio furniture set has been ruined from a hurricane or simply from rust, it’s important that you find an affordable and eco-friendly junk removal team willing to haul off your old patio furniture or other backyard amenities.

If you’ve been looking online for “patio furniture removal near me” then you’ve come to the right place. JunkGator puts you in direct contact with over 500 reputable junk haulers all across the United States, many of which can provide same-day junk pick up services and outdoor and patio furniture removal.

Patio and garden furniture

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Patio and garden furniture pick up

Since patio furniture is often exposed to the elements, it’s got to be built to last for years to come. Some patio and garden furniture is built better than others, but whenever old furniture gets worn out then it’s probably time to consider tossing it.

Junk haulers on JunkGator can pick up junk from your property, including backyard furniture such as deck bistro sets, patio dining sets, garden chairs, swing sets and gliders, patio conversation sets, gazebos, pergolas, Adirondack chairs, outdoor loveseats, outdoor sofas, BBQ sets, wicker patio sets, patio fire pits, backyard privacy screens, planters, hammocks, parasols and umbrellas, backyard decorations and much more.

Patio and garden furniture removal near you

A patio furniture set may be the focal point of many a lively backyard barbecue gathering, but all patio and garden furniture can wear out over time. It’s also possible that you may be downsizing or moving out and simply need to offload bulky items to make the move smoother.

A clean and well-maintained lawn and garden showcase your property in its best light, so it stands to reason that you should be making efforts to keep your lawn and garden free of unnecessary clutter. Patio and garden furniture removal services from junk haulers found on JunkGator can keep your lawn and garden looking clean and clutter-free all year round.

Frequently asked questions about getting rid of old garden furniture

What can I do with old patio furniture?

Old patio furniture, depending on its condition, can be given to friends or family, donated to charity, refurbished or recycled. Junk hauling teams can help donate, refurbish, and recycle patio furniture sets to mitigate the impact on landfills, only dumping when absolutely necessary.

Can patio furniture be recycled?

Some patio furniture can be recycled, depending on the materials used in its construction. Aluminum, glass, and some plastics can be recycled, as can some upholstery and fabrics. Junk haulers can sort through recyclable patio furniture and dispose of them at recycling centers.

Can patio and garden furniture be donated or given to charity?

Yes, most charitable organizations will collect old patio furniture and outdoor furniture sets provided that it is in a reasonably usable condition. Get in touch with your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, for example, and ask them if they’d be willing to collect your patio furniture at the curbside.

How much does it cost to haul away an old patio set?

On average, it costs anywhere from around $150-$200 to have a patio furniture set hauled away in the United States. The costs can vary depending on the size of the patio furniture set as well as the labor and materials that may be required to collect and haul away the furniture.

How long does patio furniture last?

Depending on the quality of your patio furniture and how well you protect it from the elements, your patio furniture should be able to last around 15 years. Naturally, plastic and other low-quality patio furniture can wear out faster whereas more robust patio furniture may last longer. It’s also important to move your patio furniture indoors in a garage or basement during the fall and winter if you live in a part of the US with cold weather.

How do I get rid of old metal patio furniture?

Old metal patio furniture such as lawn chairs and tables can last a long time, but they might show signs of rust over time or you may simply no longer need them. The bad news is that many municipalities will not collect these items during routine collection, so you’ll need to find another way to get rid of them. The good news is that patio furniture made of metals such as aluminum or steel can be sold as scrap metal to a scrap metal recycler or an eco-friendly junk hauler.

Affordable patio and garden furniture removal

Need an old patio furniture set hauled away from your property? JunkGator has affordable, reliable teams of junk haulers in cities and counties all across the United States ready to provide same-day junk removal services, bulky item removal, house cleanouts, office cleanouts, and outdoor furniture removal and disposal services near you.


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Need to get rid of patio furniture or garden furniture? Whether your children have outgrown your old swingset or your outdoor dining set has seen one too many gatherings, getting rid of outdoor furniture can be a challenge, especially if it’s a gazebo or pergola that requires disassembly. Disposing of these items presents another challenge since many city sanitation departments across the US will simply not collect outdoor furniture.

The good news is that there are many local, independent junk removal companies near you that can help collect, disassemble, and haul away unwanted patio and garden furniture from your property and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. Start your search right here on JunkGator and find affordable, dependable junk haulers near you, anywhere in the United States.