Piano removal and disposal

JunkGator is your number one choice for finding affordable, reliable piano removal services near you.

Forget about those silly old Looney Tunes cartoons with pianos dangling precariously from apartment windows only to crash on someone’s head. With JunkGator’s vetted and approved junk haulers operating across the United States, you can have your old piano removed safely and securely from your home.

Junk haulers can help disassemble all pianos, big or small, and have them hauled off for disposal, donation to charity, or resold to be refurbished depending on the type of piano and its condition as well as what you want done with it.

Piano removal done quick and easy, anywhere in the United States

Removing a piano, especially large pianos, can be a challenge. These heavy instruments take up a lot of space and seldom fit through doors and entranceways without first being disassembled.

The junk removal teams found on JunkGator can help to safely disassemble your piano and remove it from your property without causing damage to your walls or floors. Junk haulers can remove all sorts of pianos and similar instruments, such as digital pianos, grand pianos, baby grand pianos, antique pianos, electric keyboards, electric organs, pipe organs, harpsichords, clavichords, upright pianos, spinet pianos and much more.

Some pianos can be donated while others are worth a pretty penny and may be antiques that can be sold to collectors. Some pianos might just be junk, worthless or perhaps broken and not worth fixing. Let junk removal services come to you and pick up your old piano with quality no-contact junk removal that is affordable and eco-friendly.

Frequently asked questions about piano removals

How much does it cost to remove and dispose of a piano?

It depends on many factors, but piano removal costs around $200-$300. Big, heavy pianos require more man-hours, as do pianos located up or down flights of stairs since removing them is much more challenging. The best way to know is to request a FREE quote using JunkGator.

How do I find the value of a used piano?

If you’re not sure how much your old piano is worth, it’s probably worth it to have an appraiser come by and appraise the piano. You could be sitting on a real antique piano worth tens of thousands, in which case you may wish to sell it to a collector instead of having it thrown away.

Can you take the legs off a piano?

For most pianos, the legs can be detached in order to remove the piano from the room and from the home. For grand pianos, removing the legs is necessary due to their large size, but you’ll also need to consider secure strapping and careful movement onto a piano skidboard to remove it safely.

What is the heaviest part of a piano?

The heaviest part of a piano is an interior component called the “plate,” which is often confused with the soundboard. The plate is indeed right above the soundboard. Moving a heavy piano is not a one-man job but instead requires two or more skilled piano removal team members to safely remove.

Cheap piano removal and disposal services near you

If you need an old piano or antique piano removed from your property to be donated, sold, or dismantled for recycling and disposal, look no further than JunkGator. We operate a network of over 500 reliable and affordable junk removal teams near you.