Scrap metal removal

A few aluminum soda cans sitting in your recycling bin probably won’t make you rich overnight, nor will it cost much (or anything) to have collected from the curb by your municipal sanitation provider. Significant quantities of scrap metal, however, can be sold to scrap metal buyers and subsequently recycled and given a new lease on life as a cleaner environmental alternative to extracting fresh ore from quarries.

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Scrap metal

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How to get rid of scrap metal near you

Scrap metal can be found in quite a bit of unwanted junk in your home, and it could be worth a bit of money depending on how much you have. This means that you could start disassembling any junk appliances or furniture you have to harvest that scrap and then sell it to a scrapyard yourself, but that takes a lot of effort and time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, tearing up an old refrigerator can be hazardous, and at best you might get a few dollars’ worth of scrap metal for a few hours’ worth of work. Not really a good way to spend your time and energy.

Scrappers make a living doing this, but the difference is that they’re skilled at harvesting scrap metal from all sorts of objects and can do the job quickly, so it’s worth it for them. Why not leave the job to a junk hauler near you instead? If your junk is worth a substantial amount in scrap metals, this keeps the cost low for the junk hauler, who can pass on the savings to you, and it ensures that the scrap metal will be recycled. Great for you, great for them, great for the environment.

Scrap metal pick up and recycling

Many of our homes and office spaces contain trace amounts of metal all the way up to substantial quantities of metal that can (and should) be scrapped and recycled. The appliances and bulky items within our homes also often contain plenty of recyclable scrap metals as well.

When it comes to scrap metal contained in durable goods such as appliances and furniture, the EPA estimates that around 4.7 million tons of ferrous metals (containing iron) were recycled in 2018. This number could be much higher, however, since they also estimate that only 59.8% of these types of items are recycled (the remainder are dumped).

Junk haulers found here on JunkGator can not only bump up that number higher with eco-friendly junk removal services, but diverting from landfills and selling to scrap metal buyers can also turn a profit, thus costing you less for junk removal altogether. It’s a win-win.

Some of the scrap metal items our junk haulers can remove include scrap electronics, aluminum siding, radiators containing aluminum and/or copper, computer wires, plumbing brass, sheet metal, copper pipes and copper tubing, chain link fences, home appliances, wheels & rims, stainless steel and much more.

Frequently asked questions about scrap metal recycling

What is the most valuable scrap metal?

Among the most common types of scrap metal found in homes, copper tends to be the most valuable scrap metal per pound. The average price of scrap copper is about $2-$4 per pound, which is substantially more than most other common scrap metals such as aluminum (about $0.60 per pound) and steel.

How much are washing machines and dryers worth in scrap metal?

Washing machines and dryers contain about $4-$12 worth of scrap metal. These appliances also often contain about a pound’s worth of copper, which is often the most valuable scrap metal contained in the washing machine or dryer.

Do I need to disassemble appliances for scrap metal myself?

Not necessarily, but disassembling appliances yourself can yield more from a scrap metal buyer since you save them the labor of disassembling it themselves. For some appliances, it can be time-consuming and difficult to do it yourself, so it’s often best to simply have it hauled away by a reputable junk hauler near you.

Which scrap metals CANNOT be recycled?

Some scrap metals cannot be recycled at a scrapyard with ordinary scrap metals, particularly metals that create toxic or hazardous waste such as uranium, lead, and mercury. These metals are sometimes contained in trace amounts in electronics, cars, and in some solvents and paints.

Which common household items contain scrap metal?

Scrap metal can be found in varying quantities in many common household items. Some of the most common sources of scrap metal in a typical home are: old cookware (pots and pans), household appliances, patio furniture, gardening tools and equipment, electronic devices and in construction and demolition debris (e.g. concrete rebar).

Which appliances are the best for scrap metal?

In terms of how easy it is to salvage scrap metal as well as the quantity of metal contained therein, some appliances are much better than others. Generally, old stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers contain the most readily-available scrap metal once disassembled. Some appliances such as freezers and refrigerators take considerably more effort to disassemble and to harvest the scrap metal.

Same day scrap metal disposal services

Do you have large, bulky scrap metals sitting around your garage or on your property? Old building materials, sheets or slats of metal or wire taking up space? Get rid of it today with same-day junk removal services found here on JunkGator.

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No matter whether you need to get rid of just a few junk items or have a whole property cleaned out, chances are you’ll have a few items that contain some scrap metal. Even a little copper or aluminum can sell for a fair bit these days, so why not maximize the amount that’s salvaged and recycled by leaving the junk removal to a qualified expert near you? That’s what JunkGator is for; we connect you with local, genuine junk haulers across the United States.

By leaving the job of disassembling and salvaging scrap metal to our member partners, you’ll save plenty of time and effort, and you’ll also be getting great deals on junk removal since scrap metal keeps their overheads lower and lets them charge competitive and fair rates for junk removal. It’s a win-win, so get started with a FREE quote today.