Table and chair removal

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There are many reasons to get rid of tables and chairs. Whether you’ve bought a new dining set or patio set of furniture and can’t find anyone willing to take your old set away or your old tables and chairs simply aren’t worth repairing anymore, getting rid of bulky items can be a bit of a hassle.

JunkGator takes away the hassle and instead helps you get those old tables and chairs out of sight and out of mind with the best no-contact junk removal services near you.

Table and chair removal anywhere in the United States

Bulky furniture like dinner tables or heavy old coffee tables can be challenging to remove from your home. Not only do you often need an extra helping hand to carry it to the curb, but there’s no telling if it’ll just sit there week after week.

Municipal waste collection teams normally won’t touch tables and chairs tossed to the curbside, so you’ll have to find another way to get rid of it. Leaving it there is a good way for others in need to pick it up for free, but if it’s in really bad condition then nobody will likely ever pick it up.

JunkGator works with hundreds of reliable junk haulers near you, anywhere across the United States, who excel at hauling away all sorts of tables and chairs, including recliners, benches, kitchen chairs, barstools, patio chairs, baby high chairs and booster seats, armchairs, massage chairs, dining room chairs, lawn chairs, rocking chairs, beanbag chairs, dining room tables, kitchen tables, glass tables, coffee tables, patio tables, bedside tables, baby changing tables, blackjack tables, gaming tables, pool tables and much more.

Questions about table and chair removal and disposal

Can glass tabletops be reused or recycled?

Normally, yes. Glass tabletops can be dismantled and affixed to any flat surface to reuse the tabletop. Glass tabletops can be recycled as well. Leave the glass at the curbside and duct tape a large X across both sides. To make the process easier, you could also hire an affordable junk hauler near you using JunkGator.

Do I need to disassemble a large table myself?

No. If the table cannot fit through the hallway or out of the home, it will need to be dismantled, but you don’t have to do it yourself unless you want to save a few bucks. Junk haulers can come by and dismantle the table before removing it.

Is it worth reupholstering an old chair?

It depends. For antique chairs or chairs with sentimental value, the cost of reupholstering can make sense, even if it’s a little expensive. For old chairs of little to no value, it usually doesn’t make sense to reupholster them. Instead, have them collected by junk haulers near you.

Can tables and chairs be donated to charity?

Yes. Most charitable organizations in the United States such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and others will collect tables and chairs from your property for free. If they’re in terrible condition, however, they usually won’t touch them since they will have a hard time giving them away or selling them.

Cheap table and chair removal services near you

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