Trampoline removal and disposal services

Children and children at heart can jump to their heart’s content on a trampoline, but getting rid of an old, unwanted trampoline can be a challenge - not something to jump for joy over!

If you’ve been looking online for “trampoline removal near me” then you’ve come to the right place. JunkGator connects you with over 500 reliable junk haulers across the United States, ready, willing and able to haul away bulky items from your property.

Trampoline removal near you

For all the joy that a trampoline can bring, they can be fairly frustrating to get rid of. Not only are they large and bulky, but they also often contain recyclable and non-recyclable materials in their manufacture, such as polypropylene or waterproof canvas for the trampoline bed, steel coils, steel legs, and/or glass-reinforced plastic rods.

Leave the job to a junk hauler on JunkGator and our local, genuine junk removal teams will come by and dismantle the trampoline, sort out the recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner if they cannot resell, refurbish, or donate the trampoline. All of this reduces the impact on landfills while also saving you money.

Our junk haulers can provide a wide range of trampoline removal services for exercise trampolines, kids’ trampolines, skywalker trampolines, springless trampolines, gymnastics trampolines, as well as the canvas material, legs, and/or barrier supports.

Moreover, our trustworthy junk haulers near you can help remove and dispose of unwanted junk from your backyard such as exercise equipment, basketball nets, soccer goals, hockey nets, treadmills, exercise bicycles, pilates machines, elliptical machines, cardio equipment, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with an old trampoline?

It’s a little difficult to repurpose an old trampoline, but creative and artistic minds can put an old trampoline to good use. Some examples include creating a garden perimeter, turning it into a soccer goal, building a giant Christmas wreath, using it as a chicken coop, or whatever else you can imagine it being used for.

How long does it take to dismantle a trampoline?

Depending on the type of trampoline, it can take anywhere from around 2-4 hours to dismantle a trampoline. This involves taking apart the entire trampoline, which requires tools such as spring pullers, a Phillips head screwdriver, an electric drill, and some sturdy hand gloves.

Are trampolines easy to move?

It depends. Some trampolines can be pushed relatively easily on grass in a backyard, whereas more heavy trampolines should normally be dismantled and moved piece by piece to the new location. For trampoline disposal, the trampoline should be dismantled and hauled away in pieces.

How long should a trampoline last?

Normally, most trampolines last anywhere from around 3-8 years. The lifespan of a trampoline can vary depending on many factors such as build quality, materials, frequency of use, exposure to harsh weather, and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance can greatly prolong the lifespan of a good trampoline.

Trampoline removal and disposal service

Need to get rid of that old, unwanted trampoline in your backyard? Get in touch with one of our over 500 reputable junk haulers listed on JunkGator. Our junk removal teams can provide you with one or more FREE, no-obligation quote to remove and dispose of your old trampoline.