Yard waste removal

Want a picture-perfect lawn for your home? Why not use JunkGator to find reliable junk haulers and yard waste removal teams near you today? JunkGator makes it simple and straightforward to get same-day junk removal services for your yard waste and garden debris.

No matter whether you've accumulated leaves during the fall, tree branches, mulch, sod, soil, grass clippings, yard fencing, paving stones, yard furniture, patios, or gazebos, our yard waste removal services will keep your garden looking lush and green all year round.

Maintaining a clean and healthy lawn or backyard is a chore, but one well worth the effort! Getting rid of yard waste, however, can sometimes be a big hassle. Many cities and counties offer organic yard waste removal for grass clippings and perhaps twigs and branches, but not always. If you want your yard waste to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner for affordable prices, give JunkGator a try.

Environmentally friendly yard waste removal services near you

If you've got a green thumb for gardening, you'll likely end up with some yard waste in your efforts to grow a healthy green garden. If you're doing construction or demolitions work, you may end up with lots of yard debris like tree branches, tree stumps, gravel, and soil.

The problem with yard waste is that much of it is often organic material that can be composted and returned to Mother Nature. Reliable junk haulers near you can dispose of organic yard waste so that it contributes to a greener environment and without clogging up landfills. For non-organic solid waste such as patio furniture and construction/demolitions debris, these types of waste should also be disposed of properly.

Frequently asked questions about yard waste disposal

What is the most effective way to deal with yard waste?

Most cities and counties have collection sites for yard waste and organic materials, as well as composting centers where you can haul off your yard waste. Another alternative is to find a reliable yard waste removal company near you using JunkGator.

How do you get rid of large tree branches?

Large tree branches can often be ground down into a mulch using a wood chipper. Grind down the branches slowly and safely, then spread the mulch over your plants. Another way to get rid of large branches, such as those too large to fit in a wood chipper, is to hire a yard waste removal company in your city or county.

How long does it take for tree branches to decompose?

If left whole, tree branches and stumps take around 50-100 years to decompose. For this reason, it is best to grind down large tree branches and stumps yourself or have a qualified yard waste removal team haul away yard debris to a composting center for further processing.

Is it OK to dump leaves in the woods?

No. From an environmental point of view, dumping leaves in the woods is better than in a landfill, but illegal dumping on someone else's property is still against the law. Instead, bag your tree leaves for collection if your city or county offers this service or contact a reputable yard waste removal company using JunkGator.

Reliable yard waste removal with JunkGator

Lawn lovers, gardeners, and homeowners that simply want a clean and green yard can depend on the friendly, affordable yard waste removal teams found on JunkGator. We operate nationwide across the United States with over 500 junk haulers, all vetted and approved for quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Using JunkGator is easy and simple - just click on “GET QUOTES” then enter your ZIP code. You'll then find nearby junk removal companies offering a wide range of junk removal services. Request one or more no-obligation quotes and let them come out to you with no-contact junk removal and yard waste removal services, including same-day and next-day services.